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Usenge Boys High School is located 500m South West of Usenge Market. It is found within Usenge Sub-location, West Yimbo Location, Usigu Division, Bondo District, Siaya County, Nyanza Province- Kenya.



Usenge High School is located along Bondo-Osieko road, about 26 km away from Bondo town and approximately 89 km away from Kisumu City. From Usenge market, one takes the Osieko route which leads westwads. 200m from the market, turn left at the sign board of Usenge High School. After a stretch of 100 m where there is another sign board, take a left turn. You will be facing the gate of this great school, Usenge High School.




19 Oct, 2012MP VISITS


24 Oct, 2012FORM 4 PRAYER DAY
Last Updated: September 21, 2014